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Re: Ducking (was Re: Lime Rock Event(rather long).....)

> haha,btdt in my 62 lotus super seven, even took a photo of it parked
lengthwise underneath. it sure gives you the shivers though.
btw i gave the 5kcdqt its first real test last week. i drove it from vernon
bc to calgary and then on to edmonton. did three hours business and then
returned home. took 23 hours and we crossed the rockies at rogers pass
twice. troubles? of course. after about 100 miles the engine developed a
misfire at .8 bar. it idled ok but as we proceeded it became worse and
tackling the rockies didn't look too promising. <amazingly we passed about
this time by a brownish 5kcdqt> i hadn't seen another in the district.any
how i had to check the engine and looking under the hood while it was idling
i heard an occasional electrical <snap> using my ears and eyes i found that
the number 5 spark plug lead was discharging up and out of the plug
insulation sleeve and jumping to a metal vent hose coming out of the top of
the valve cover. my running shoe gladly donated a shoelace to pull the hose
away and to tie it in place and all was well again. it's my first
quattro&turbo and it was awesome to corner so well and all without squealing
tires or drifting. on the return through the mountains i was followed by my
son in his renault 5 and when he was behind me i could see the shadow of my
car in his low beams while i was on my highs.he then took the lead to light
my way. how demeaning to have to follow a renault five so as not to hit wild

 Now, did you duck your first time under the bridge?  If you said no, I'll 
>I never did completely cure my "reflex" ducking when I would dive my Lotus
>under tractor trailers . . . (but it was worth it to watch my passengers'
>Don't do this with your Audis, boys and girls, they don't fit!
>					-RDH
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