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photo radar

here in bc canada we have photo radar, bc bought the system that ontario
kicked out. they claim in daily ads that its not a revenoo grab and yet its
always placed at the broadest straightest highway on a long downhill. one of
the biggest jokes in our sparsely populated area is that they set up their
radar, photo or not,  on the coquihalla highway which passes through
wilderness between vancouver and calgary. there are no towns, it's 3 lanes
wide in both directions with broad sweeping turns and at night cars are
probably spaced 5 - 10 miles apart or more. in spite of these they park a
"highly skilled" revenoo enforcement guy at the bottom of the longest
steepest downhill. in the trial tests of their equipment they found that 95%
of drivers exceeded the 110km/65mph speed limit.
 multi years ago when i was in the airforce in northern quebec, the guys
would go for a coffee in quebec city, a drive of about 90 miles. to get
their we had to do 60+ miles through a wilderness park, and the authorities
were gracious enough to time- stamp your park pass when entering and when
leaving at the other end. obviously this gave perfect conditions for a 65+
mile time trial. <now the audi content> i wish i had my quattro then!!!
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