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Campbell-Nelson Auto parts (again!)

With  the discussion of Shokan still hanging in the air, I'd like to say 
that I have followed up on my promise a while back to try Campbell-Nelson 
Auto in Washington St. again if the fuse/relay panel they sent me worked. 
It did, and I just ordered a (used) fuel pump and pressure accumulator 
from them.  I nursed the old ones along as best I could, driving the car 
infrequently until I couldn't anymore.  I dealt with a man named Dell 
there, and he filled the order and shipped it completly as promised, with 
the ($39 dollar Audi dealer-only part) hose between the pump and 
accumulator still attached and unkinked between the fittings as I asked 
if he could try to do for me, on time.  Good price, too. $80 for 
everything, <including> the bracketry and grommets in good shape, and 
well packaged for shipment. I'll plug everything in and let everyone know 
if it works, but so far everything looks very cool.  Redeemed in my book.

Best Wishes,
Alex Kowalski
'84 4KQ