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Re: 5kcsq Alignment Fixed

Thanks to all for the input on my alignment problem. 

When installing the subframe bushings, I remeber being careful to orient them 
with cutouts longitudinal. Mistakes can happen, so checked them over this 
morning. They are correctly oriented and fully seated. In the process, also 
loosened the subframe mount bolts, and re-tourqued in the prescribed sequence 
to be sure of proper seating of the subframe. All bushings are new within 
the last 6 mo. and look perfect. Nobody else drives the car, and I haven't 
hit anything with it since buying from the first owner in '93.

I calculated that -1deg. of caster would require rearward displacement of the 
wheel by about 5/8 in. from spec. Any components bent that much would be 
visually obvious. No bent parts to be found.

Suspecting that the problem was process related and not parts, I called NTW 
in Salem N.H. They do alignment checks for free. Arrived there at 7:00 
this evening for the exam. They have a near new Hunter machine and a 
knowledgable techincian. Within 5 min. we knew that caster was fine  but 
the front and rear toe were wrong. The right rear toe adjustment was 2X out 
of tolerance. The adjustment point was stuck and had to be persuaded to move. 
The front was also wrong. Within an hour while I watched, all settings were 
put back within spec. The other guy's machine must have been way out of 
calibration, or else he doesn't know how to use it.

Driving home, the car tracked straight and steady with no tendency to pull 
left anymore. Bumps and shifts do not require steering corrections. The 
suspension settles into curves and follows steering inputs accurately.

The Quattro is a great pleasure to drive again.

The real problem after all was that I took it to the dealership (Ira) to be 
aligned (3 times), expecting that they knew how. They didn't bother to do the 
job right, or tell me that they couldn't, supposing that I wouldn't even 
notice or care. I'll be back for a refund Monday. Others, be advised to stay 
away from Ira Porche/Audi in Danvers, Ma. Their service department stinks of 
incompetence and ripoff.

Next the clutch, then the Pacific shores.

Gil Ceniceros
Danvers, Ma

88 5kcsqw rolling real nice now.