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Snow Tires F.S.

Anyone interested in getting some nice snow tires early this year? I would 
like to sell a set of 4 Michelin X M+S130 185/70 R14 88T winter tires 
which are in excellent condition.

We are going to move West, and will not need them anymore. 

They have a directional tread pattern with large center channels and very 
fine self sharpening sipes on all treads. Big lateral grooves on edge 

I like these tires. These are very accurate steering, quiet and smooth on 
dry pavement, with outstanding performance in rain and slush, and very 
effective on snow and ice. Most drivers, including myself would be happy 
with this tire for daily use all year because they are so good in both wet 
and dry conditions.  You will not notice that you are driving on winter 
tires except when you need to.

Bought them last year for about $80/each. will sell for $220/set (tires 
only). Very little tread wear. Used mostly for low speed commuting to and 
from work on Liz's '87 5ks fwd wagon. I don't know exactly how many miles 
on them, but would guess 4-5k.

If interested please send private E-Mail.

Gil Ceniceros gil@shore.net
Danvers, Ma.