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Plug Reccomendation

Bob, run the split fires. I run them in my TQC and their the best I've
found for "high boost" applications with a stock ignition.

Champion also makes a "special racing application" for use with high 
boost and "after market ignitions".  Its one of the only plugs that 
lasts in that enviroment.  I've tried them all!!!!

An excellant plug at a low cost, is the Bosch silver's

What ever you do dont waste your money on the platniums. They have a
low "ark over" range and give you a false sence of performance gains.
They actually work well with older, weaker ignition systems, and mask
poor ignition systems.  

In japan, Bosch makes a plug called "Bosch Blue"  This plug is specially
designed for high boost motors like the Nissan Skylines. They cost $13 
each because of the exchange rate. Their applications available that 
will fit Audi's.  

 Another excellant plug is the AC Delco "Rapid Fire"
Its design exposes 55% of the spark to the mixture for a good burn.
This plug works well in the high boost arena!! Cost being the downside.

Over all the "split fires" are the best for high boost & stock ignition.
The non platnium versions are the one's to get.