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Re: Plug Reccomendation

> Bob, run the split fires. I run them in my TQC and their the best I've
> found for "high boost" applications with a stock ignition.

Oh, uh... You better have your Nomex on...

> What ever you do dont waste your money on the platniums. They have a
> low "ark over" range and give you a false sence of performance gains.
> They actually work well with older, weaker ignition systems, and mask
> poor ignition systems.  

Actually, that's the principle in which Split Fires work. More "arch-over"
points = less resistance = less arch-over voltage needed. Pretty much work
in same as the platinum thingies in theory, different practices. These
have less spark power than conventional 'uns.

> In japan, Bosch makes a plug called "Bosch Blue"  This plug is specially
> designed for high boost motors like the Nissan Skylines. They cost $13 
> each because of the exchange rate. Their applications available that 
> will fit Audi's.  

Biggie deal. Bosch Platins (solid platinum core?) cost around $25.
Different applications, I imagine.

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