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Re: Battery for Key chain?

> militants.  However, about the mercury batteries, and other environmental
> issues, (auto emissions, air bags, etc.) we are often surprised at the lack
> of interest abroad.  Happy motoring....Chas.

Well, the reason is because most of these are POLITICAL in nature -- and
not really if that specific "green" is really necessary. Take recycling.
Europe and elsewhere adopted recycling a lot earlier than U.S. did. Why?
because it works and IS needed for future living. In U.S., it wasn't that
much of an issue -- we just find someone's backyard and bury it. The
current recycling program in the States has come to the current state due
to politics -- not need.

So is auto emission. There was a study by Cornell University or something.
They found 90% of cars were creating 10% of the emissions (or numbers
something close to that). Those 10% of cars which is creating 90% of the
emissions are the clunkers and dead beats you see around you. If you got
a genie and wished one of the wish as turn all of current NEW cars into
zero emissions cars, YOU WILL STILL HAVE EMISSION PROBLEMS! The problem is
that the owner of those clunkers/dead-beats cannot afford new cars, so
those cars will still go around our street -- and the bad scent they
produce will still register by EPA.

The OBD-II, zero-emission cars, etc. are pure political solutions that
solves NOTHING -- except jack up some price somwhere -- usually to the

The murcury (or whatever) can be solved by proper recyling program at the
residential level -- taking them out is not a solution. My Sennheiser
microphone need one of those mercury batteries -- and there's no
replacement in alkaline (or whatever) equivalent. Technically this is
suppose to be not available -- and I found that out at Radio Shack. But I
found it's available at most electronics, photographic, and battery store.

So you want to know why the lack of interest abroad?

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