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Re: Michelin, Pirelli = top passenger tires

>         AGOURA HILLS, Calif., Aug 19 (Reuter) - Michelin and
> Pirelli tires tied for the ``best overall'' rating in a survey
> that rates consumers' satisfaction with the tires that come
> blah...

Hate to be a constant whiner, but what's the usefulness of this survey
(no, I don't object to this being posted). No tire models are given; no
data about how the owner/uers use these tires are given. What do these
owners expect from these tires? How do they drive? Would Mario Andretti be
satisfied with the top tire from this survey? How about Miss Daisey if
she was driving?

Seems like this survey is as useful as if we took survey of which
continents' drivers are most satisfied with their cars. WOuld it be the
Americans? The Europeans? The Asians? THe Antarctic adventurers?

Actually, that sound more thrilling than the tire survey, wouldn't it?


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