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Opinions on ski-racks

I have had two Thule racks, the first with traditional ski-racks. This kit was
used for 6 years and still looks as good as new. As for the strength of the 
cross bars, if you load them enough to bend them, the roof loading is way over
maximum for the car.

I now have a Thule rack and coffin for my A4. Colour(dark blue) almost matches 
the car and looks great (subjective opinion as always). Adds about 10% to fuel
consumption and very quiet. I've fitted 3M clear tape to roof to protect
paintwork under rubber pads - works well. 

The box may appear flimsy but in fact is very strong. It has large surface
areas and if the poly carbonate (NOT fibreglass) was thicker it would be too

The huge advantage of the box is that it takes loads of extra gear, allowing
us to go on a skiing holiday with 4-5 people in an A4. Can also be used for
non-skiing vacations.

Disadvantage - price!!!!!! but if you need the space you need the space!

> Dan writes:
>>      I disagree!    I heard that the Thule's
>>cross-bars (because they are rectangular) flex under high speed,or under ext
>>reme conditions.  The Yakima is more sturdy and stands still at high speeds.
>>I also,do not like the coffin ski holder, but I guess that is a matter of opin
>>ion. WHether or not they reduce drag, I think they look stupid!  I like the tr
>>aditional ski racks much more.  Also, I know that one of the Yakima engineer's
>>is a Quattro owner!

> I was shopping around last fall.The cost of the Thule system was more than the
> Yakima. Furthermore, those coffin ski holders seemed very flimsy to me. They
> were made of some type of fiberglass, but the construction seemed weak.
> Besides, the price on those coffins is incredible. IMHO stick with the
> traditional ski rack, and shop between Thule and Yakima.. they seem to be the
> two most quality brands.This time of year, you might be able to find some nice
> close outs at your local ski shops as they make room for new inventory. 

Greg Spark
Hamilton, New Zealand
96 A4 1.8Tq MTM 187hp