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A4q vs BMW 328i vs RS2

> 20 valve, turbo 1.8 liter 4: 150 bhp, but lots of tuning potential since
> it's a turbo.

MTM tune the 1.8T to 286hp. A friend has just tested this car on a closed 
(tarmac) rally stage and felt the chassis setup was not up to the engine 
The car was running 16inch wheels and factory sports suspension (same as my
MTM 187hp version). 

A week ago I drove my car on a race track <grin>. The track favoured large cars with high torque outputs. I was able to match track times set by 250hp V8 
saloons. However I felt the car was undertyred but that this would be resolved 
by a 17x8 rim. 

To use 286hp I am sure the suspension needs to tied down MUCH more. MTM can
supply this car with 17inch rims and their own suspension upgrade. Should do
the trick.

My friend has just bought an RS2 Avant which he says is astonishing. 
Performance handling and braking are incredible. These cars were built in very 
limited numbers by Porsche (anyone know how many?) and would have to be one of
the ultimate sleeper cars - a station wagon with 911 Turbo Carrera 4 
performance - WOW. Must become very collectible too.  

> i'm also disappointed at how long it's taking audi to come up with a
> M3 competitor.

The 286hp MTM version (backed by Audi factory warranty) has been available
since the end of 95 and blows the M3 into the weeds.

> the superiority of the a4 chassis is nicely demonstrated by the success
> of
> the a4 in the various touring car races.  organizers had to slap
> additional weight handicaps on the a4 to stop it from running away with
> the championship.  

To be fair, the opposition doesn't have quattro. Has to be the best 
advertisement for quattro imaginable!
Greg Spark
Hamilton, New Zealand
96 A4 1.8Tq MTM 187hp