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RE: quattro-digest V3 #938

>>> My driver's side factory-supplied floor mat (1993 S4) is wearing =
out, rather
>>> too quickly if you ask me (22K miles).  Can anyone out there =
recommend a
>>> longer-lasting mat, or should I just order another one from Audi?  =
>>> Quattro archives appear to be silent on this issue.

>>> Even better, does anyone know of a pad or other gadget to protect =
the carpet
>>> in the footwell from wear next to the accelerator?

I too am bummed to notice that the driver floor mat on my '93 100CSQW is =
showing signs of old age at 25K miles..... In contrast the mats on my 91 =
Accord w/ 91K miles look brand new.

Looking forward to hearing any suggestions you receive.

Eric Billing
Eagan, MN
93 100CSQW