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Re: Does this exist?

> Hey Guys... I got this entry to my Registry some time ago... 
> Is it for real??  1967!?!?  Should it be?
> Year: 1967 
> Model: Audi Super 90
... yes it is.  It is interesting to note that we have a member in the 
San Francisco Bay Area that is a little apprehensive to join the "quattro"
club, because he is a long time Audi fan and is disappointed that some 
people don't recognize the older cars as technologically advanced for their
day as well ... turns out he has a Super 90 as well.

Audi, and it's component companies have been making cars for the better 
part of the century and have made some interesting cars along the way.  
AAMOF I've heard that there's a little 2-stroke coupe sitting in a garage 
up the peninsula ... I've wanted to meet the owner for some time now.  :-)

Vorsprung durch technik!
Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)