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Re: Upgrade time

> Qs:
> 1.  Anyone have tips fer doing a head gasket replacement (onna turbo)?

IME it's pretty straightforward.

> 2. Someone have the head gasket alignment pins avail to borrow, or are they
> cheap enough to buy (I know, silly question)?

Since I replaced all of the bolts it was no problem cutting the heads off 
of a couple of them ... voila!  Of course you might consider raceware 
studs ... no pins required!  :-)

> 3. I figure my only other decisions are:
>      a.  Should I go through the agony of replacing the exh manifold bolts
> now or leave well enough alone?

If they are in good shape you might be able to reuse them, but in my opinion
it's pretty cheap insurance simply to replace them.  It shouldn't be too 
painful while you've got the head off.  

One suggestion ... you might want to have the planarity of your exhaust mani-
fold checked while you've got it off.  It is pretty cheap to get it machined 
if necessary (cheaper than having to take it off at some future time).

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)