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Re: Upgrade time

At 01:15 PM 8/26/96 -0700, Steven Buchholz wrote:

>One suggestion ... you might want to have the planarity of your exhaust mani-
>fold checked while you've got it off.  It is pretty cheap to get it machined 
>if necessary (cheaper than having to take it off at some future time).

The reason for the exh stud replacement would be to facilitate removal for a
split manifold at a later date... I've been fortunate not to have any leaks
develope, which increases my nervousness at fussing with it!

I've been drooling over the Raceware add in the new EC. - Not sure if I can
afford approx 170.00, not sure if I can afford not to! I plan on pushing
this thing to 300+ in a year or so...
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