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Re: Upgrade time

> The reason for the exh stud replacement would be to facilitate removal for a
> split manifold at a later date... I've been fortunate not to have any leaks
> develope, which increases my nervousness at fussing with it!

I would doubt that "fussing" would cause any problems to surface.  I've no-
ticed that our '88 5kTQW recently developed an exhaust leak that goes away 
after the engine warms up ... sure enough the front lower stud is gone.  My 
theory is that they all develop some warping, causing the bolts to be under 
stress ... it's just whether or not the studs have popped yet.  I may be 
wrong, but you can try simply laying the EM surface on a very flat surface
and see if it rocks back and forth.  
> I've been drooling over the Raceware add in the new EC. - Not sure if I can
> afford approx 170.00, not sure if I can afford not to! I plan on pushing
> this thing to 300+ in a year or so...

I'll probably do the Raceware studs on the urQ when I do the turbo upgrade.  
Since I should be getting the WC conversion parts tomorrow this may be sooner 
than later ... :-)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)