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Re:identify vs. stealth

> Kevlar time:
> Don't mean to be rude, dude, but if it's subtle it misses the point.  We are
> trying to identify each other.  This is the opposite of stealth.   I think
> this contradiction is going to sink this whole idea.  half of us want to be
> able to identify each other at a glance, the other half don't want anything
> visible/uncool on their car - the whole exercise becomes pointless.  How can
> I be cool and stealthy (with a Lee dump sticker on my window) when I've got
> a sticker that can be seen from the opposite lane anywhere on my car?  
It is my understanding that I'll probably be getting a UK urq club reflec-
tive strip for the windshield of my car when I become a member of that club.
Such reflective strips are fairly apparent to oncoming traffic (and in the 
mirrors) ... perhaps we can come up with a q-list logo in a quattro styled 
font ...
> Why not a fuel additive that not only increases boost by 0.2 bar but turns
> our exhaust products an attractive shade of ochre.  _NOW_ we can identify
> each other!

I like this idea ... especially if it is guarateed not to cause additional 
"ozone depleting, greenhouse promoting" gasses *YET* causes them photo-smog
revenue generation trailers to puke.  Any thoughts Dr. Myers?  :-)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)