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Re:identify vs. stealth

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>Sorry sailors, but I don't care to fly any flags from my car nor do I wish
to adorn my car with anything >yellow.  I definitely want some ID but it
should be subtle.  

Kevlar time:
Don't mean to be rude, dude, but if it's subtle it misses the point.  We are
trying to identify each other.  This is the opposite of stealth.   I think
this contradiction is going to sink this whole idea.  half of us want to be
able to identify each other at a glance, the other half don't want anything
visible/uncool on their car - the whole exercise becomes pointless.  How can
I be cool and stealthy (with a Lee dump sticker on my window) when I've got
a sticker that can be seen from the opposite lane anywhere on my car?  

I say go back to posting "hey I saw an audi yesterday.  was it one of you" 
and realizing that we almost never actually see each other.

>A small stylized "Q-list" with the internet address is what I envision, at
the lower edge of the left rear >side window or neatly tucked between two
defroster lines on the rear window.

The trouble is that's too stealthy to id each other but still not something
i'd want on my car.  I mean, a sticker with a WWW URL?   I usually leave my
beanie at home, thank you!

Why not a fuel additive that not only increases boost by 0.2 bar but turns
our exhaust products an attractive shade of ochre.  _NOW_ we can identify
each other!

Huw out.

>Guess I should get out the crayons and start doodlin'.....

Ed Kellock
Lansing, IA
87 5kcstq
87 cgt 2.