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Re: Upgrade time

At 11:45 AM 8/26/96 -0400, STEADIRIC wrote:
>See now with the faster computer your Audi figguired that you'd be able 
>to spend more time with it!

Yeah, I've pretty much decided to grit my teeth and do the head gasket
meself. I just hate arguing with that turbo connection... Plus the fact that
its gonna be an unwieldy SOB w/intake, exhaust, and wastegate hangin off it...

1.  Anyone have tips fer doing a head gasket replacement (onna turbo)?
2. Someone have the head gasket alignment pins avail to borrow, or are they
cheap enough to buy (I know, silly question)?
3. I figure my only other decisions are:
     a.  Should I go through the agony of replacing the exh manifold bolts
now or leave well enough alone?
     b.  Am I gonna get a viable increase for port matching the intake If I
go to the trouble of pulling it, too?

Thanks for any and all input...

No, don't have the spare cash to get the split exh manifold, the RS2 turbo,
or extrude hone - although I sure wish...
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