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Re: I Got One!

> Well I have finally made it.  I am now a member of small but excellent
> group of people who own an Audi Quattro Turbo Coup=E9!  I have just purchase=
> d
> a 1984 Ur q.  It is in White (I don't yet know the Audi description of
> which White) with Brown Cloth interior.
Congratulations Ian!  Welcome to the club!  :-)
> OK  I recently saw lots of postings to the list regarding the merits of
> having or not having the "Bomb" connected in the braking system.  At the
> time I assumed you where all refering to the Vacuum Servo which is to be
> found on most European cars.  However the Urq has a braking system served
> by what I assume has to be a "Bomb".  As there is no manual available in
> the UK for Quattros I cannot fathom how this thing works.  I know it is
> pressurised by the Power Steering Pump in some way, but I have not yet been
> able to fathom how this is used to power the Brakes.  Can anybody give me a
> run down on how this system works and how I can check that it is working
> correctly etc..?  Also where is the Font/Rear Bias valve?  How can this be
> checked/Serviced?
... in the states there were a couple of service documents that were avail-
able, and many of us have copies of them.  Going from memory the titles were 
something like 'Introductory Service Training' and 'Maintenance and Adjust-
ments.'  They are by no means comprehensive, but I do find them highly 
useful.  There is a description of the hydraulically boosted brake/steering 
system, the AWD system, the ECU and others.  There is a brief theory of 
operation and some troubleshooting info as well.  Are these documents avail-
able in the UK?  If not, I'd be willing to provide a copy to you to dis-
tribute as you see fit ... let me know!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)