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Re: I Got One!

strange sighting:  last week at the Bremerton track event, there was a red
'84 ur-q from Canada that had a vacuum booster for the brakes!  the vacuum
line was plumbed into the intake tract near the throttle body--don't recall
whether before or after.  like i said, strange.  

At 02:51 PM 8/28/96 +0000, Ian Gregory wrote:

>OK  I recently saw lots of postings to the list regarding the merits of
>having or not having the "Bomb" connected in the braking system.  At the
>time I assumed you where all refering to the Vacuum Servo which is to be
>found on most European cars.  However the Urq has a braking system served
>by what I assume has to be a "Bomb".  As there is no manual available in
>the UK for Quattros I cannot fathom how this thing works.  I know it is
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