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BFG Comp T/A VR4 vs. HR4 vs. Michelin MXV4 etc.

Greetings from a vicarious Audi appreciator:

It was suggested to me by a fellow MB lister that I refer this question to you good 
folks:  I now have Michelin MXV3A OEM 195/65 HR 15s on my MB C280; I will be replacing 
them next spring and my choices include:  1) Michelin MXV4s; 2) BFG Comp T/A VR4s; 3) 
BFG Comp T/A HR4s, and 4) perhaps Dunlop D60A2s.

I have the VR4s on my '73 Porsche and love them; great wet traction, good dry (don't 
drive it enough miles/year to judge tread life yet).  Other than inherent better 
qualities in a VR vs. HR rated tire, what do you all think about the VR4  (stiffer 
sidewall/ better handling?) vs. the HR4; and any thoughts on the Michelin MXV4 or the 
Dunlop (clearly the least expensive tire, though that is not the deciding factor): I 
like the MXV3As but probably will go for a 4-season tire next time; from my experience 
(albeit limited since I haven't driven the HR4s or Dunlops, and have only driven the 
previous MXV4s), the VR4s might be the best compromise (?).

Please reply directly to me since I'm not an Audi list member (yet)...  TIA.  Jon Cole, 
Arlington, VA

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