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RE: Gone..g-bye

>  I'll be staying subscribed, but off I go to Montana..see you in three
>  weeks....I'll file a full X-country report on the new car and radar det.
>      Royal
>      '90 90Q20V........zing>>>>>>>  
> "movin' to Montana soon.....gonnah be a dental floss tycoon......"
> FZ - RIP
... good quote there Glen!  Good to hear that there are other Zappa fans 
on the list.  Perhaps we can adapt the quote to encompass driving quattros
in the land of no speed limit ... or at least the one where there is a 
reasonably small fine for getting into 3 digits :-)

I'll be movin' in Montana soon ... gonna launch my quattro to the Moon

... guess I'd better keep my day job, eh?  ;-)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
with sounds of elctric bedsprings going round in my head ...