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1984 Audi 4000 Quattro in SF Bay Area - $2100

Audi '84 4000 Quattro 210K mi $2100 
     Four door  
     Sun roof  
     Four wheel drive  
     Air conditioning  
     Cassette deck  
     Power windows  
     Cruise control  
     Manual transmission  
     This car is in excellent condition and I've  
     taken great care of it. I have all the service  
     records. It runs great. I just got the air  
     conditioning recharged too. This is the  
     original Audi Quattro, and was Squaw Valley's  
     official ski car the year it came out. It is a  
     terrific ski car, and I'm including a ski rack  
     with the car. It's worth checking out, and 
     it's priced to sell. The car is gray with a dark  
     gray interior. I live in Santa Clara and work on  
     the Peninsula (near San Mateo).  
   Seller info: (Private party)  
     Email        : rrafey@us.oracle.com  
     Day phone    : (415)506-8899  
     Evening phone: (408)985-1576