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Re: Mixed bag

> ....  And I heard chicago is looking at a video ticket system for the "red
> light runners".....  The debate is over how to keep them from being
> vandalized, so the 12M doesn't by them a sink hole...  Thank goodness for
> civil disobedience....

Believe it or not, I also have to drive through one of these (just installed
at the intersection of Tatum and Lincoln in Paradise Valley) and photo radar
as well!  Of course, only an idiot runs a red light around here (and most of
those who do, are!) and if you can't see the Blazette that carries the radar
around in the back sitting on the side of the road, you shouldn't be driving

That said, I DO have a problem with all of this monitoring ... and if that's
not bad enough, my local homeowner's association keeps harping at me because
I have cars parked on my driveway instead of in my garage.  According to the
deed restrictions, this is allowed only on a temporary basis and only if the
garage already has cars in it.  There's even a clause that prohibits working
on your cars outside of your garage -- which is fair enough -- but this also
includes working on them INSIDE your garage if the door is open!  ;^(

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