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Re: big brother is sniffing

> think it would work?

Nope ... the four test areas I've driven through (in the past month!) are
located in places where the traffic speed naturally drops below 30mph and
gawking/confused drivers passing through it tend to slow even further.  I
can't blame them: What would YOU do if you turned a corner only to find a
police car and pair of unmarked white vans on each side of the road and a
row of pylons narrowing the road down to one lane?  WOT is good in theory
but might be difficult in practice...
> regarding the litmus test for cat guts - it should be easy to fool this
> test if you saw it coming...

Perhaps but since I've never made it through one of these tests without at
least a half-hour wait in line, starting and stopping every few minutes, I
am skeptical about this...

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