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Buying Advice on 94 - 90Q - V6

Greetings all;

     I am in the market for a new car as my 86 4000q is getting old 
and cranky(exhaust,rad,brakes,front end,rust).  My first choice was an 93 
S4 but they are selling for $40,000CDN plus currently in Canada. This was 
too high for my budget(sigh). 

     I have stumbled on to a :
   1994 - 90Q - Light Silver with Factory Spoiler. 

    Good items : 26,000 Kms , Not a mark on it. S4 style wheels.
                 Still on warranty.
    Bad items: Black(coal mine) interior. No sunroof(good or bad?)
               Goodyear GA tires... 
   The asking price is $27,000CDN + GST.

I am asking for opinions from the sporting driver on the car.

I have found the steering and spring/shock set up to be atrocious.
Numb steering, oversprung and too high and no damping almost.
I was thinking of nice spring/shock set to tune it closer to my 
style. Comments ?

Does the numb engine get annoying after a while or can a few mods 
give it some character? Intake , exshaust mods ?.

After my old 4000q which has a funky character but it is almost better
for for me. I can see the 4000 short comings though .... 

Or should I wait for a S4? Arrgh.. 

Patrick James
Saskatchewan Telecommunications
86 4000q