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Re: Buying Advice on 94 - 90Q - V6

On Sat, 31 Aug 1996, Patrick James wrote:

>      I have stumbled on to a :
>    1994 - 90Q - Light Silver with Factory Spoiler. 

> I am asking for opinions from the sporting driver on the car.
> I have found the steering and spring/shock set up to be atrocious.

> Numb steering, oversprung and too high and no damping almost.

this will undoubtedly draw some flames but here's my 2 cents:

if you like audis for their sporty responsive handling, forget about
this car.  it's an aberration.  too heavy and really really nasty

i know that with the S4 you can disconnect the servotronic to get
better steering feel, but i've not looked at factory manuals of the
90Q to see if you can do the same.

the car that you really should check out is the A4Q.  this is probably
the best audi that they have made in a very long time.  i'm not
talking about specific things like its 0-60 performance or meaningless
skidpad numbers.  the overall design and execution of the car is the
best i've experienced from audi, and i'm saying this as a v8 owner and
also someone who has driven the A8 and S4/S6.  if i were in the market
right now with an unlimited budget, i would still take the a4 over the
a8.  i also recently rode in an A6Q and was quite surprised at how much
less refined its suspension was over the A4/A8.  much thumpier for
the same levels of handling.

i don't know how much they want for an A4 in canada and if it's within
your budget, but you should go drive the 90Q and the A4Q back to back.
you will be amazed at the difference. one's a dog, the other a prince.
also remember that the 1.8t is coming real soon.

90Q owners will no doubt disagree with me.  feel free to defend the
car, but please spare me the personal attacks and the n*zi style email