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Emblem Design

Kudos to all who submitted ideas for the q list emblem! All are creative with q list 
spirit in mind.

My preferences in order of preference:

1. Row 2 Third from left

2. Row 1 Second from left (Although the VDT slogan is a little over used)

3. Row 2 Second from left

4. Row 2 Fourth from left

5. Row 3 First on left

6. Row 1 Third from left

General design element Comments:

I like the QL  element since is unique to the list and is not just a rehash of other 
Audi sloganism.

I like the four rings because this defines Audi in my mind.

I like an oval shaped emblem.  (Maybe this explain why in the last ten years EVERY auto 
manufacturers as adopted oval versions of their logos.)

I think that in fine print on the emblem we should put quattro@coimbra.ans.net.  If 
someone sees the logo on one of our vehicles, they may want to know the q-list address.
However, since the address has so many characters, it would be hard to read on a small 
sticker anyway, so don't try to make it a major design element.  Also, if you put the 
address on at all, make it complete and accurate.

That's my 2 cents.  Again, great ideas from everyone!