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Re: Boost in your steps

In a message dated 96-09-01 11:23:26 EDT, you write:

<< Is that because of the electrical response of the stock solenoid or the 
 flow characteristics, Scott?  I have seen the solenoids supplied with 
 some of the aftermarket boost controllers from Japan (HKS, Trust, GREDDY, 
 etc) and they are huge, exotic-looking pieces, but I always suspected 
 that was more for show than anything.
...Both....  You really need 100% DC AND FLOW for boost control, prolly could
with a properly designed system go with <100 DC, but then flow becomes more
critical....  a 1/8 inch dia hole is hardly adequate for anything less than
minimal increases/bleed....  Heck look at the size of the hose to the bottom
of the WG, why would one want the top feed any smaller in dia?  Hmmmmm, hey
now, if anyone gets any wild ideas from this, my thinking fee is on an
exchange basis  :~)