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'85 5KT: A/C pipe weldable?

	The A/C on my '85 5KT (128K) stopped working suddenly a couple
	of months ago, and I found over the weekend that the system was
	just low on freon and the low-refrigerant switch would just cut
	out the compressor.

	Preparatory to having the system recharged, I put the A/C drivebelt
	back on (with much difficulty: the damn thing is barely adjustable).
	Unfortunately, I neglected to unscrew the support bracket for one
	of the refrigerant pipes, and managed to crack it at the bracket

	The guy at a welding shop said it would be no problem at all if
	I removed the pipe from the car, but another mechanic thinks that
	the whole thing should be replaced ($240 or something ridiculous
	like that).  What do folks think?

	Also, one of the unions to the compressor body is held there by
	a hex socket head bolt. It has proved impossible to remove so
	far, but before I try anything more drastic, does anyone know if
	the bolt is indeed metric? The compressor may be an AC Delco: did
	they make special ones for Audi?

	Thanks in advance!


	PS: BTW, the compressor plumbing appears to be quite different
	from the later MC-engined cars (mine's a late KH), at least according
	to the Bentley.
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