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RE:A4 questions

"From: "Jonathan Linkov" <ValiumNJ@msn.com>
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 96 23:24:10 UT
Subject: A4 questions

  Also, any opinion on the dealership in Northern Virginia on Rt1 between
Arlington and Alexandria?  I think it is Heishman's(spelling?).  Thanks.}

Bought my 91 TQW at Heishman's. I've been happy,they always try to make
things right. My car was late from service 2 months ago and they gave me
the keys to the A8 V8 4.2 quattro to drive while I waited. I have had they
best luck with Steve Daily and Bob ""

Also...I have a slight vibration from warped disks. Someone told me to heat
up the pads on the highway and then let them cool to flatten. Sounds like a
temp fix. Is turning the rotors a temp fix also? How much should it cost?
How much to really fix?

Thanks, Art Carr