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Bulb burned out indicator

Not a biggie but someone might know the answer--

I originally replaced stock headlight wiring harness with an aftermaker unit
that delivers more wattage *safely* to the headlight.  Tried high-wattage
bulbs and got tired of blowing bulbs.  Then bit the bullet and bought Euro

All well and good, except the connector that used to plug into the driver's
side headlamps is now not needed and doesn't terminate with headlight bulbs.
The Audi Gods rightfully programmed in a missing bulb (no resistance) as a
burned out headlight bulb and I get the nag light on my 1990 200 tqs that a
bulb has gone south.

Solution:  Methinks that wiring in a couple of resistors to the contacts
would fake the Audi Gods into believing that the bulb filaments on the
driver's side are *good*.  Any one know what ohmage I'd need.  Probably have
to wire to the three-prong plug two resistors--one for high beams and one
for lows.  

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