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Re: S4 upgrade, take 9

In a message dated 96-09-03 19:00:47 EDT, you write:

 Hi Jon:
 I know I've seen your name on the quattro postings and I am not sure, but
were you at Lime Rock with the QC.
 I am torn between using Hoppen or Ned for my performance upgrade. I was
wondering if you could give me some feed back.  Also where did you get your
boost gauge from???
 Any help will be greatly appreciated.
 - Nick
Yes, that was me in the black S4s with VT plates and the VDO 2 1/16" boost
gauge mounted under the vent to the left of the turn signal lever. Be careful
mounting it there, because the little black panel below the vent can come
off, though it's no big deal to re-attach it. 

I got the gauge and the mounting cup for it from Eurorace (1-800-722 8678)
after a very long wait. You might do better with New Dimensions
(1-800-637-2781). Turbo gauge 0-30PSI, though BAR might be available. Ned
told me to get one that measure to at least 21PSI (running above that and
racing gas appararently required or bye-bye engine). Mounting cup with
pedestal base and sticky to attach. Need to run a "Y" connection off the hose
from the manifold at the ECU with some good quality vacuum line. Someone
posted that there's a mini guage that could be mounted in the dash, but the
dash plate is fragile (I'm told) so I chose to not mess with it.

I posted info re: ECU choices around 6 weeks ago, but in a nutshell:
     If your only going for the ECU upgrade, then save the $$$ and go with
     If you plan on upgrading to the RS2 manifold (rec'd) or beyond, then go
with NED since he also tweakes the ECU for each upgrade (manifold, turbo,
bigger turbo, biggest turbo....). If your seriously power obsessed, drop a
note to PDQSHIP re his turbo selection extra-ordinaire.

Don't forget to check with STEADI RIC for the pending suspension upgrade, if
the Bronx roads and you are still on speaking terms!

BTW, the dealer never replaces the fuel filter, so if you haven't, you
probably should.


Jonathan Fenton
Montpelier, VT
'93 S4sIA3