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Re: low Pentosin - Flickering lights

> I just bought a liter of my 7.1 (the newer 11 grade is for '90s and up
> I think) for $14.65 at the local import parts store. He also said a new
> bomb was $344. Suddenly, pentosin seems pretty cheap!

You know me, the guy who did his power steering pump four times in two weeks.
Well, buy the OEM o-ring kit for $29 and make sure you clean the o-ring fits and
grease them. You won't have problems.

When I bought the kit from Clair in Boston, MA, I also bought my fourth quart of

The first one from the local VW dealer was Audi oil - $22/qt
The secondand third  one from the local Audi dealer was the green/white
container - $17

The last one from Clair Audi - *7.95/qt* yes, 7.95/qt. Said the list was 17.95
or something like that.

Don't know if I got a good deal or not, he had just told me that he had a spare
pump in stock and I ordered it, but then called back and said he didn't. Might
of given me the oil for cost, but he didn't say so.


91 200q (with sticky hydraulic oil all over the block)
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