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Anti-BMW humor

I got this from rec.humor.funny on the net, and thought it might
appeal to a few folks here.

Dear New BMW Owner:

Congratulations on the purchase of your new automobile!  We're sure that
it will provide you with the utmost in driving pleasure and lifestyle

However, we must inform you that there are certain minimum requirements
that a BMW customer must meet in order to retain ownership of his or her
vehicle.  Specifically, as a first time owner, you must take and pass the
following classes, offered by your local BMW dealer:

* ARR 101 -- Arrogance
  A six week course explaining the details of driving habits, posture,
  clothing, and other details that all lead to the arrogant appearance
  and demeanor that all BMW owners must present.  $800/person

* AGG 101 -- Aggressiveness
  Six weeks of hands-on experience in tailgating, rapid unsignaled lane 
  changes, speeding, and hard breaking.  When you complete this course
  you'll be able to merge your car into the tiniest available spot on the
  freeway and cause everyone around you to know a BMW just entered the
  road, even if they couldn't see you at the time.  $1000/person

* BUD 101 -- Budgeting To Make Your Car Payment
  Twelve weeks.  $1500/person

If this is a second (or later) BMW, then our requirements include:

* ARR 102 -- Arrogance Refresher
  Three weeks of refresher course on arrogance.  $650/person

* AGG 102 -- Aggressiveness Refresher
  Three weeks of refresher course on aggressiveness.  $850/person

* BUD 102 -- Additional Budgeting Skills
  12 weeks. This course covers additional budgeting skills including:
      * How to buy your teenage child his or her first BMW and 
           still make the payment on your own.
      * The home equity loan -- your friend.
      * Selling your house to pay for your car -- you can do it.
      * Paying for your BMW owner training classes -- yes, you have to.

These classes must be completed successfully during your first 3 months of
ownership, or we will be forced to repossess your car.

In addition, we offer other classes that you may be interested in taking.
These include:

* LIF 101 -- Living Where Other BMW Owners Live
  How to find those neighborhoods where your fellow BMW owners already live.
  Three weeks.  $500/person

* MAI 101 -- BMW Maintenance
  Four weeks.  Basic training in how to open your wallet to pay BMW
  mechanics seven times the going hourly rate to fix your car when it
  breaks.  $750/person

* MAI 201 -- Advanced BMW Maintenance
  Eight weeks.  Admission to this class requires instructor approval.
  Hypno-therapy to ease the process of opening the wallet of really
  tough customers.

Please contact your BMW dealer to enroll in your required classes, and
in any of the voluntary classes that appeal to you.

Once again, we appreciate your business!  Happy Driving!


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