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Re: 7.1 vs. 11S Pentosin

Hairy green toads from Mars made Sheffield Corey say:

> >I just bought a liter of my 7.1 (the newer 11 grade is for '90s and up
> >I think) for $14.65 at the local import parts store. He also said a new
> >bomb was $344. Suddenly, pentosin seems pretty cheap!

> Hi Andrew,
> 	Are you certain about 11S being for '90 or newer Audis? I was told the
> 7.1 was only good through '85 because starting in '86 a different ZF pump was
> used, higher pressure I think, and the 7.1 could "boil". I believe the price is
> the same for the two, and I've been using the 11S in my '87 5KCSQ for almost 4
> years with no problems...knock on wood...knock on fat cats:-) Does anyone know
> for certain about this?

I remembered this because I have an '89 and a '90, and I thought it
sucked that I couldn't use the same in both.

My '89 says part# G0020000 on the cap, in the manual, and in Bentley's.
This is that part that was stamped on the 7.1 (the 11 was different).
It also said NOT to mix them. Well, I added 7.1 yesterday, and the
light is cured, with no explosions or meltdowns yet. Of course, the
day ain't over yet....


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