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Re: 7.1 vs. 11S Pentosin

>My '89 says part# G0020000 on the cap, in the manual, and in Bentley's.
>This is that part that was stamped on the 7.1 (the 11 was different).
>It also said NOT to mix them. Well, I added 7.1 yesterday, and the
>light is cured, with no explosions or meltdowns yet. Of course, the
>day ain't over yet....

Hi again Andrew,

	I concur with G 002 000, but this is the number on the computer
generated label and bar code thingy on the top of my can of 11S. All the other
numbers on the can appear to be BMW part numbers and who gives a hoot about
them rust buckets:-) And it does say in both english and german not to mix the
7.1 with the 11s and visa versa. This stuff is green; what color is the 7.1?

						Happy motoring,


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