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7.1 vs. 11S Pentosin

>I just bought a liter of my 7.1 (the newer 11 grade is for '90s and up
>I think) for $14.65 at the local import parts store. He also said a new
>bomb was $344. Suddenly, pentosin seems pretty cheap!
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Hi Andrew,

	Are you certain about 11S being for '90 or newer Audis? I was told the
7.1 was only good through '85 because starting in '86 a different ZF pump was
used, higher pressure I think, and the 7.1 could "boil". I believe the price is
the same for the two, and I've been using the 11S in my '87 5KCSQ for almost 4
years with no problems...knock on wood...knock on fat cats:-) Does anyone know
for certain about this?

					happy motoring,