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Snow tires already?


I'm still in shorts.  Snow tire talk already?  I admit I've given enough thought
to get two more P 210s to match the two I now have.

SP8000s in the snow?  Not me.  You may remember last x-mas time I had an S6 for
the holidays and was asking tips for how the f%(k to drive that thing in snow.

An S6 that sucked in the snow.  Really really sucked with only an inch of wet
slushy snow.  I slid through lights at 10mph trying to stop that thing.  10mph!

Now it was my first Q in the snow experience but my problems were confirmed by
others on the list.  I also kind of think that with all the slipping and sliding
of the tires and then redirection of what end of the car gets the power only
made the problem worse.  I can slide a car.  I've been driving a 225+hp rear
drive car (my Xr) for 7 winters.  The changing torque split defied my inputs!

Alan Tackman of One Lap fame won't drive his S6 on performance tires in the snow
and mentioned a friend who scared himself to death doing the same.

I carried a shovel for the 10 days I had that car.  I needed it once as I
"birmed" it once.  Had to dig out.

AoA told me, it was a press/PR car, not to drive it if it snowed too much.  Kind
of makes you think they knew the tires and the snow didn't mix.

Get snows if it snows.