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RE: 5kCSTQ boost Q

>> Oh Phil, no metal finding in the "bellows" hose,
>That's the mass sensor -> turbo hose.  The only thing you'll sometimes find in 
>that is too much oil, if one of the camshaft/crankshaft seals has gone.
>The one the metal shavings turn up in is the one you're about to look at - the 
>turbo -> intercooler hose.  Take the intercooler end off first - any debris 
>will have landed just inside the intercooler.
>_Your_ symptoms sound more like intercooler blockage - have you perhaps had a 
>catastrophic air filter failure in the past something?

Howdy Phil,

	Well, I guess I'm not a very accomplished hose inspector. After putting
the car up on the lift today to inspect the turbo to IC hose and finding it
soft but unholed my mechanic lowered the car to remove the same hose I'd pulled
last weekend to clean and inspect( what I call the "bellows" hose from the top
of the IC to the intake manifold(plenum)). This fellow was a bit "rougher" on
the hose than I was  and his finger easily slid into a 24mm crack under the
center reinforcing ring. I'd cleaned the thing inside and out; flexed it all
over the place, but never looked carefully under the rings figuring it would
blow-out in one of the wide inter-ring areas where oil had collected...WRONG!
On the positive side no metal findings have been found anywhere, just a blown

	I had seen at the Qlist/QCUSA gathering at Lime Rock Park a couple of
weeks ago a UK made (Sanco, me thinks) blue silicon rubber "bellows" hose; I
believe the purpose of the bellows are to accomodate movement of the engine on
its mounts through the short hose to the "frame" mounted IC. They were
expensive hoses, but of good quality. The fellow offering them said that in a
few weeks he would have the same hoses with a built-in dump valve available.
Scott, of PDQSHIP fame, said this was a dangerous set-up, but never explained
why vented pressurized air at that point was dangerous to the engine. It's just
pressurized air, there is no fuel in it yet. So, I don't understand the danger
of venting off the hi-pressure spikes that occur when the throttle is slammed
shut during hi-boost situation;-\ It actually seems a good idea to me. Have you
any input on this matter?

						Happy motoring,


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