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90 V8Q.....another new Audi owner w/questions

Until last week I was an Audi virgin:  never an owner, just a distant 
admirer.  Then I succumbed to a temptation greater than I could resist and 
acquired a 1990 V8 Quattro.  Very nice condition interior and exterior, and 
just 40.5K miles.  However, I admit to having done little research on this 
particular model:  I was planning to buy a new A4Q when, due to changes in 
my wife's employment status, a used car was suddenly the order of the day. 
 Then I saw this V8Q and was smitten and, well..... WHAT HAVE I DONE????!!!?

My initial questions:

The used car dealer had the front brake rotors and pads, the O2 sensors, a 
Hall-effect sensor, and the spark plugs replaced to prep the car for 
re-sale.  (Work was actually performed by local Audi dealer.)  I got copies 
of the receipts and was mortified to find that the front rotors cost $350 
each.  Post-purchase research indicates there's something rather unique 
about that model year's braking system.  What's the real story here?

That same dealer's "used-car buyer's inspection" suggests that over the next 
couple of years I will need shocks all 'round, belts, hood struts, and 
possibly a power steering pump.  They also thought the rear crank seal might 
be leaking a little.  The repair estimates they quoted for these items were 
sobering... especially the pump and the seal....  but I bought the car 
anyway.  Presumably there are non-dealer sources for some of these items. 
  Any suggestions for reputable parts suppliers and/or mechanics in the 
Seattle area?

The dealer wouldn't sell me a service manual.  Well, they really said that 
one wasn't available for the V8 for sale to owners, only to authorized 
service locations, and therefore they could not order one.  I may not do 
much work on the car, and am not much of a mechanic (yet), but I insist on 
learning how it works and having an at-home "second-opinion" when service is 
needed.   Who will sell me maintenance/service manual(s) and what should I 
expect to pay?

The car has no service records.  Apparently Audi dealers can look up whether 
a particular vehicle has had recall work done via Audi of America's 
database.  Does the dealer also have access to any repair history data via 
that same computer system?  I'd even pay a little to get that information.

I'm tiring of exposing my ignorance for today.  Thanks in advance for any 
guidance you might share!

Andy Tiura,  90 V8Q,  Seattle
atiura@intermec.com days: 206.356.1807