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Re: 540i v M3 v A4Q

>The bottom line is, as I have posted before but have yet to get any replies
>except "wait for the turbo model", that the A4Q just doesn't have the power
>to suit me.  I want more under the hood.  Anyone have experience with the
>A4Q chip?  Other toys?  Please let me know.  Thanks.

The latest Motor Trend (I know, not exactly a paragon of reliable
information) sez '97 A4Qs will have the 30 valve version of the 2.8 liter V6
(it also claims it is still a SOHC design, go figure) which produces similar
output to that of the 328's engine.  A performance chip should easily take
power over 200 (from 193) and torque to around 220 (from 207).  Tuning
potential is still less than the turbo 1.8, but if you'd rather not fiddle
too much, and aren't crazy about turbo lag, you might be better off waiting
a couple more months.

Andrew Speer