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Re: 540i v M3 v A4Q

At 10:46 AM 9/20/96 -0500, Mann Law wrote:
>	I have driven the 540i [auto] and found it to be a very nice, 
>very expensive, big car.  6 speed will help, but I can't imagine there is 
>a chance that you can get it loaded for A4Q price + 10k.  

Let a 95 540i 6-speed, dealer demo with 4000 miles slip through my hands at
$37k.  It was loaded with everything, including CD player, but I balked for
5 weeks about the colour, and the day I decided to drive, unannouned, to
Dallas from Oklahoma City to buy it, it sold 1 hour before I got to the
dealership.  I was sick.  I drove 450 miles (round-trip in my '83 4000s) for
a pizza....

>	My real complaint with the M3 is this:  (1) it is a BMW, with all 
>that brings to the party; (2) if you have any adult friends to put in the 
>back, they won't like it for long.  IMHO, the M3 is a very good car--but 
>I can't handle any more 2 door cars.  
>	Your question really compares some apples to oranges.  Having 
>driven them all, I just don't see any of them being in the same 
>class--especially on price.  BTW, look at insurance costs on M3 v. A4Q.
>	Bruce

Insurance *is* hell for me (28, male, single).  That adds a good $1k+ to the
price of the auto.  That sucks.

The bottom line is, as I have posted before but have yet to get any replies
except "wait for the turbo model", that the A4Q just doesn't have the power
to suit me.  I want more under the hood.  Anyone have experience with the
A4Q chip?  Other toys?  Please let me know.  Thanks.

Achille Riviello
'83 4000s, 200k+ miles and counting, except my odometer quit working 3 years
ago; potential A4Q

Achille Riviello
tel: US(405) 329-1935