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Re: Performance parts for the A4...

At 10:51 AM 9/20/96 GMT, James Morgenstein wrote:
>Hello group....
>I've been following the group for the last several weeks to prepare
>for the possibility of selling my current ride (95 5-speed Taurus SHO)
>to be replaced with an Audi A4 Quattro 5-speed).
>I've got some questions about performance, especially given the
>impending arrival of the A4Q 4-cyl turbo.
>I'd prefer the V6 b/c its available now and has more toys, but I
>figure the A4Qt will be easier to make faster.  What performance parts
>are available to make the V6 faster?  How much faster can I expect it
>to get?
>My performance target would be to make the A4Q equal to my SHO....~6.5
>sec 0-60.  Official numbers put the A4Q V6 at 7.8 and the A4Qt at 8.0.
>How realistic is a 1.5 sec drop while keeping the car drivable every
>Thanks for the info.
>(currently a 95 SHO)
There's a company in Minnesota that specializes in this sort of stuff for
the Audi.  I think it is called Dynamic Dimensions and the tel # is (612)
934-8285.  The guy to talk to is Chip.  (This is, of course, if I have
correctly decipheried all my scribbling on the back of this envelope.)
Anyway, for the A4, they have a chip that increases the HP and torque about
10% pretty much across the rpm spectrum.  They also have some stainless
exhaust systems and intake manifolds.  They have a special package that for
$4000 will give you a grand total of 240 HP.  How 'bout them apples!

I've also been doing some considerations on this topic and am still
wondering what these sorts of modifications will do to the factory warrenty.
The rest of the questions from my original posting:

Does anyone have experience with such chips?  Should I toss it to the wind
and get an M3?  (Don't you wish they made an M3x?)  If I could get a BMW540i
in 6-speed manual with all the bells and whistles for (only) $10k more than
the A4Q, should I go with that?  I've been looking now for a while and have
narrowed the choice down to those 3 cars and really A) would prefer a 6
cylinder and b) don't want to wait for the A4Q 4-cylinder turbo or the
A4Q-v6-30 valve.  Any suggestions?  


Achille Riviello
'83 4000s, 200k+ miles,
potential A4Q (5-speed, of course...)