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Re: Audi to enter NATCC?

Well, Phil, so far we have replaced all the belts (except for the cambelt
and oil ring-for which we need 2 special Audi tools we DON'T have), the
battery, the vacuum hoses, the sparks, distributor cap and rotor, idle air
hose, radiator and the radiator vent hose.  I also took out the seats and
scrubbed the carpet, the upholstery, the door sills...sprayed silicon on all
the rubber. At this point, we still have to do the cam belt, flush the
radiator, change the oil, plug an exhaust leak, replace a breather hose, a
cv boot, the positive battery cable and lifters...NO SWEAT!  The car ran
great when we got it..it can only get better!
AND I would appreciate any suggestions you may have, since it has been
almost three years since I owned a Audi Q car.

P.S. The ashtray was empty and the wiper blades work great!

At 11:24 PM 9/11/96 GMT, you wrote:
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Marshall Barrett writes:
>> Proud new owner of a 4ks (with over 200k miles and in need of attention)
>200k?  Yep.  The ashtrays will need emptying, the wiper blades should be 
>changed, and the carpets could be getting a bit thin.
>Anyone think of anything else?
> Phil Payne
> phil@sievers.com
> Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club