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Re: tie rods frozen?

On Sun, 15 Sep 1996, Ernest Wong wrote:

> Any of you guys and gals out there every run into a tie rod that won't adjust?
> Doing a home-brew front-end 'adjustment'. Did the right side. Nice and smooth.
> Used a 10" crescent wrench (nice chrome-moly one too, not Vise Grip)
> Came to do the left side and the damn thing won't budge. Tried tapping on
> the arms to see if that will free it. No dice. Heat? Lube Soak it?

Did you loosen the jamb nut and knock off the metal collar from the rod 
end? If not its almost impossible to move it...

> Is that why the independent tire shop that did the front end align gave
> back the car with the same tilted steering wheel when going straight?


> Nothing is as easy as it looks.

Obviously you dont know the right german words! :)

> Of course once I get it all lined up, it's time to swap into winter rubber
> and do the alignment dance all over again.

no no no... tires/wheels are irrelivant of alignment...if done right.


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