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Re: speaking of grills...

On Mon, 16 Sep 1996 tnas@dtpdirect.nl wrote:

> There *used* to be loads of these. Somewhere in an old German magazine I've
> come across pictures of a few of those beasts, but IMHO none improves on
> the 'standard' arrangement on looks. Some have quad round headlights (H4
> outer/H1 inner), so improvements in lighting are possible. In Germany there
> are still tuning firms offering these grills, but I can't find any specific
> info on that subject. Perhaps D&W can help on this?

No Tom, in the D&W mag, those are GIRLS, not GRILLS. But Ill be happy to 
umm..thumb through my catalog again, just to be sure..  :)

Thanks...Ill check it out!

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