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Re: speaking of grills...

Re: some replies on this thread:

I'm not sure if Euro grilles would fit a US spec car w/out mods. Judging
from the pictures the front of US cars seems to be pretty much like the
Euro item.
Has anyone actually *fitted* Euro lights to a US 80/90 (86 on)? Bumpers on
these cars certainly are different, Euro bumpers are smaller. Rear lights
are also different, the US sidelights make for larger rear units.

It's certainly the same the other way round on earlier models. I once tried
to fit US 4K parts to a euro 90 of the same year, and about every part was
different. I had to modify some parts extensively to make them fit.
However, by looking a photgraphs of US Audis of recent years I think that
Audi's decided to rationalize somewhat on this. The cars certainly look
more alike. Has anyone any hands-on experience on fitting Euro parts to a,
let's say post-87, US car or vice versa?

1988 80 1.8S FWD

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