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Fairly cheap source of F5DPOR's

Howdy fellow(fella) audinauts,

	I've been lookin' off an on for about 2 months for a source of cheap
Bosch F5DPOR's; I discovered that the dealer cost is ~$10.00 and most places
have tried to charge me $15.00-$19.00 claiming that list is $29.00. This AM I
called a place I saw advertised in AutoWeek; he told me he had 24 of 'em and I
could have 5 for $12.00 each. This is the best price I've been quoted in 2
months...except for the local fellow who said he'd get me a set for
cost($10/each) then 5 days later when I called to see if they'd arrived says:
"I don't know what I could have been thinkin'...why should I GIVE them to you
for nothing!" I don't get stuff from him anymore; what a wanker! Anyway, this
guy in AutoWeek also has Bosch's new wiper refills(micron optima??something
like that) for $6.XX; the local guys here in RI all want $9.XX each. All
disclaimers apply here; I talked to a guy named Raymond and told him I'd let
the "list" know. I told him that AFTER I got the good prices; what he called
jobber minus 10%. The place is in NY and is called "Next Day Auto Parts" their
number is 1-800-416-9880. I probably should wait until I get the plugs and
blades before I start singing these people's praises, but...I'll keep y'all

					Happy motoring,


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